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Length of Challenge: 6 Hours

Disciplines and Distances: 

  • Trekking - 4 miles

  • Single-track mountain biking, bike paths, and other pavement - 12-14 miles


Competitive Period: December 12th, 2020 to April 30th, 2021

Where: Colonial Williamsburg, 101 Visitor Center Dr.
Williamsburg, VA US 23185

Price: $25 single set of maps, $30 for double set of maps

WilliamsBURR logo.png

Welcome to the WilliamsBURR. Think of this course as a guided tour of Colonial Williamsburg, the College of William & Mary and surrounding trails. There is a bike and a trekking section but because this is a wintertime course and there is limited daylight, there is no paddle section. It was designed to be approachable for athletes new to Adventure Racing or families who want to bring kids along. The navigation is very straight forward so a great opportunity for those new to using an AR map and compass.

Colonial Williamsburg (CW) is an amazing living-history museum including several hundred restored or recreated buildings from the 18th century from when it was the colonial capital of Virginia. The best part is the Costumed employees work, dress, act and converse as people did in the era, sometimes using colonial grammar and diction. They go out of their way to decorate the buildings for Christmas, so December is a perfect time to complete an adventure challenge there! 

Right beside the colonial area is the historic College of William and Mary (W&M) founded in 1693. A number of US Presidents and other key figures pivotal to the creation of the United States were educated there. It is not common knowledge but on the W&M property, there are some well designed single track mountain bike trails and hiking trails that are maintained by the locals and students. We highlight some of the best trails on the WilliamsBURR course.  

There is plenty of free parking in the Start / Finish parking lot and it is ok to stay there after dark to enjoy the Christmas lights, restaurants and shopping, but you may not leave your vehicle there overnight. It is patrolled. 

Consider staying an extra day to enjoy some of the CW events, fine dining and other popular attractions.

For information pertinent to all of our VACs, it's important to go here to learn all the details about the challenge concept, rules, mandatory gear, scoring, etc.

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