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Length of Challenge: Up to 8 Hours

Disciplines and Distances: 

  • Trekking - 8-10 miles

  • Single and Double-track Mountain Biking - 12-14 miles

Competitive Period: December 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021

Where: Motts Run Reservoir, 6600 River Rd. Fredericksbug, Virginia 22407

Price: $30 single set of maps, $45 double set of maps

The FredericksBURN 8HR is a Mountain Bike and Trek Adventure Race that can be done anytime between Dec 1st and March 31st 2021. This course is in the heart of Fredericksburg Virginia along the scenic Rappahannock River and Motts Run Reservoir. The Mountain Bike trails are well kept by the locals and offer some of the more challenging singletrack in eastern VA.The start/finish for this race is at the upper Motts Run Reservoir parking area. Due to COVID 19, the lower parking area is closed. This lot fills up quickly so be sure to get there early to be sure you get a spot.The park closes at dusk so plan your time accordingly. 


The 8HR time estimate for this course is for experienced teams who are comfortable navigating tough singletrack, trail running and fast bushwhacking. Folks new to AR or with kids should consider skipping some Pro Points to be sure you're off the course by dark.  


Participants get a set of high-quality color waterproof maps, clue sheet, race details and a waterproof bag to store the maps.  There is an option to purchase a second set of maps for teams or those who want to train a second navigator.  

Once you're done with the FredericksBURN, be sure to leave some time to celebrate your accomplishment in the historic downtown where you will find tons of quaint restaurants with locally brewed beer and wine.

For information pertinent to all of our VACs, it's important to go here to learn all the details about the challenge concept, rules, mandatory gear, scoring, etc.

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