Virtual Challenges Coming soon!

Wondering what we're up to? We're getting ready to provide you the closest thing to Adventure Racing with all of the challenge, competition and camaraderie as the real deal, but without the mass start and the actual flags. There will be options for all levels of adventurers, high quality maps and as much competition as you want. Sign up, receive your maps in the mail and complete the course. If you want to see how you stack up, send in your GPX file from the tracking device of your choice (not provided) and we'll verify your score and share the results. Join us for the virtual awards ceremony by Zoom after the competition period is over. We also share a culmination video that will include video from anyone who wants to send footage our way! Fun, right? Stay tuned! We are busy working out all of the details.


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Race Extended!

Since there's a lot of people who have registered but have yet to complete the courses, we have decided to extend the competitive period of these races to April 30th 2021: Kick Me In The Jimmy Overnig