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Length of Challenge: 18+ hours (no limit)

Disciplines and Distances: With no limit to the strategy, it's virtually impossible to nail down how many miles of each discipline you will choose. In total, you should expect around 50 miles of travel using whatever discipline you think will get you there the fastest. That may include: 

  • Trekking

  • Double-track Mountain Biking miles

  • Paddling - Canoe, kayak, packraft or even swim and you'll probably want a means of getting your bike across the lake, too.


Competitive Period: December 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021

Where: Kerr Reservoir, Clarksville, Virginia

Price: $75 single set of maps, $95 double set of maps


This is not an Adventure Race for teams new to AR. This course was specifically designed to challenge top navigators with literally thousands of possible ways to solve the puzzle.Paddling at night will be the crux of the course. The shoreline is raw woods and featureless so you are VERY likely to get a bit lost and need extra time to sort yourself out. You can thank me later.

If you are training for an upcoming expedition-length race in a cold environment such as Shenandoah Epic, Florida Sea to Sea or Expedition Oregon, this is the perfect opportunity to test your team's mettle. Typical Adventure Races have a structure to guide teams along the course making it convenient for the race director but yawn-inducing for the countries top navigators. If you are a Jedi navigator craving a complicated challenge, Overnight Anarchy is the suck you have been waiting for. 

Why Anarchy? = Order without rules. You choose the start/finish location, start time, course flow, disciplines, transitions and modalities with no time limit. The team with the most points in the least amount of time wins. Hell, if you think a pogo stick and a  kite will give you an advantage, good luck to you. "In Adventure Racing, there are no rules unless there are rules", and this race has minimalist rules. This being said, because this is designed as an AR training opportunity, "typical" USARA guidelines apply such as no GPS devices or motorized travel.

The race location is Kerr Reservoir near Clarksville Virginia. The course is mostly Wildlife Management Areas and a small section in Occoneechee State Park. This is very remote and you are unlikely to cross paths with anyone outside of the state park. The course is divided into 5 areas, 4 of which are separated by the lake. Points were placed to intentionally allow for multiple attack points and numerous strategy options. Each area has one or more Pro Points that you will have to plot while you are on the course so your strategy has to change multiple times in each area. Do you paddle or swim?  Take your bike in your boat or run it? Use your lights on the paddle or blackout and use night vision? What points will you give up? You do you!

To keep things interesting, we also added in some scary aspects such as abandoned graves from the 1800s and even a haunted house. If you are scared, say you're scared. It's ok, we're not here to judge. ;)

For more information on our Virtual Adventure Challenge concept including scoring, click here.

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