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Length of Challenge: 8 Hours

Disciplines and Distances: 

  • Trekking 12 km

  • Single-track mountain biking and rails to trail bike path


Competitive Period:  November 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2022

*The competitive period ended on April 30th, but the courses will be available for teams through December 31st 2022. 


Price: $25 single set of maps, $10 for additional sets of maps

Hustle on the Trestle logo_edited.png

The Hustle on the Trestle course is located in Farmville, Virginia. Since this is a wintertime course, it includes only mountain biking and trekking. The course is spread across the High Bridge Trail State Park and the Longwood University Campus located in Downtown Farmville. The entire area is historic and most known for being a civil war battlefield. Participants will use the majestic High Bridge to cross the Appomattox River. This centerpiece of the state park is approximately 2,400 feet (730 m) long and ranges from 60 to 125 feet (18 to 38 m) high. There are many kilometers of rail to trails to explore and even some lesser known, groomed singletrack. Another highlight of the course is an urban trek orienteering leg on the Longwood University Campus. Longwood’s Jeffersonian architecture, lush quads and fountains are just steps away from downtown Farmville—the oldest two-college town in the country.


This is a family-friendly virtual course for anyone interested in learning how to complete a typical Adventure Race. The navigation is very straight forward so this is a great opportunity for those new to using a map and compass. We have a very unique virtual model intended to replicate the typical Adventure Race experience. To learn more about how our Virtual Adventure Race courses work, visit the "how it works" page on our website. All checkpoints on this course have a definitive object so you know you are in the right spot. For most checkpoints in the woods, we erected one of our famous "stick teepees". 

Competitive participants have up to 8 hours to complete the course. Fast teams should be able to complete the course in under 6 hours. For teams and solos who want to be officially ranked, there is a "competitive period" that lasts through April 30th. Teams are welcome to register for the race and complete it for AR training or just for fun during and after the competitive period.


There are a number of different strategies that can be used to complete this course so distances may vary. There is around 12K of trekking including the urban O as well as typical trails and bushwhacking. There is 25K of mountain biking on rails to trails as well as groomed singletrack. Bikewhacking should not be necessary unless you choose a unique course strategy.

Registrants will receive a set of high-quality CalTopo color maps with preprinted checkpoints, clue sheet and race details, all printed on durable waterproof paper. We also include a clear map bag to keep everything organized while you're on the course. We ship the packets out twice a week using FedEx, which typically arrives 2 to 3 days from the time it is shipped. Extra sets of maps are available as an "add on" for teammates who want to practice navigation as well.

Once you've completed the challenge, you will receive your race results/score and map overlay of your gps track via email.

For those who want to share the stoke with the AR community, feel free to submit photos and videos of your experience to be shared on thisABILITY's social media.

For participants who would appreciate some navigation training prior to completing the course, there is a free "add on" that when selected, you will be sent a link to a YouTube tutorial that will go through the Hustle on the Trestle course in detail to include overall strategy, how to attack each checkpoint and numerous other pro tips to be sure your experience is a success. Participants who choose this option will not be included in the competitive period rankings.

There is plenty of free parking in the Start / Finish parking lot. After you're done with the course, consider, visiting Charley's Waterfront Cafe just across the street from the Start / Finish. It is a congenial eatery offering casual American fare in a converted warehouse with a riverside deck. A perfect place to celebrate your achievement!

Email us if you have any questions at

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